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Tree Trimming

Posted on September 22, 2015 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (186)
Why do you need to keep trees trimmed and healthy?
This is a regular part of home maintenance that can make a big difference in not only the appearance of your home but also the safety and avoidance of future problems.

Yesterday, I had my long time customer,  inspect and trim the trees on my property.  

I knew this was important to the upkeep and insurability of my home.  I asked the owner Tom for a list of reasons WHY I should keep trees trim and healthy.

He of course told me that my insurance company could non-renew or deny my coverage if trees were unruly, touching the roof, or unkempt.  (you might guess I knew that already!)

In addition, he stated that wind and storms, would cause the branches to wear down my roof and dent gutters, possibly causing my roof to need an early replacement or repair or the gutters to not work properly.

Next, he said if my trees hang over my roof and cause too much shade, the roof will not dry properly after rain and snow causing possible mold or water damage and moss growth on the roof.

Lastly, he reminded me, that tree limbs can break in wind, rain or snow storms, falling on my house or cars.  He can inspect trees for rot and week structure so they can be removed before you have a larger problem.

Good maintenance can and will help avoid many homeowner problems, but having the right insurance coverage for the unforeseen and unexpected loss is important too.

Call us or use the quote link on our website to review your home and auto coverage today.

And for a contractor with a good reputation, and excellent insurance (if I do say so myself) check out 


And, Yes the blue strip on the curb is in support of our police, fire and safety officers!


Posted on December 3, 2013 at 10:11 AM Comments comments (377)
Christmas is a great time to think about traditions, family, and those we love.
Many of us have Christmas collectibles, Family Heirlooms and the like that are priceless to us.
Have you thought about whether these are covered on your homeowners Insurance.
I remember a sweet lady to went to add to her precious moments Christmas ornaments and found out her personal collection was worth almost $100,000.  She just liked the ornaments.
These and many things in your home need extra coverages to adequately protect them.
Here are some examples of collection amounts and the price to insure them
                                                      Recent Accounts:
Type                              Amount of Insurance                    Premium
Fine Art                         $631,983                                     $1,748
Sports Memorabilia         $425,000                                     $1,322
Art (prints, lithographs)    $282,000                                     $1,112
 (movies/music)               $250,000                                    $1,038
Trains                             $168,6000                                     $481
Sports- Cards, uniforms     $150,000                                     $658
Antique Furniture               $137,000                                     $549
Advertising Memorabilia       $34,000                                     $193
Weapons (gun, ammo)         $25,000                                     $165
 Our policy covers - Burglary & Theft, Fire, Flood*,(*not available in all areas)
 Natural Disaster, Breakage, Shipping & Transit
I want to see those trains!!! 
So as we add to these collections, show them off, bring them out of storage or just admire them, check with me, or your agent and see if you are insured.

Identity theft

Posted on September 18, 2013 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (45)
Someone Stole........ME??????
Identity theft, credit card theft, What's yours is mine...  And Now Facebook theft? Crazy.
I heard people were stealing your image on facebook and creating thier own page and asking your friends to friend them, but until it just happened to a friend of mine, I thought it was just another urbun legend scare.
I also never thought identity theft ,credit card theft etc would happen to me. Well it has and not just once either.
My credits cards have been used at least three times, twice the credit card company caught it and once I had to catch it on my own.
My checking account was also stolen, the bank teller was alert and I am grateful for that. I had to cancel everything and start new accounts but my money was secure.
I also had IDENTITY FRAUD PROTECTION on my homeowners policy.
Did you know this was available?
It is and it is also not expensive.
You can also purchase this coverage on the open market but not as inexpensively or as easily as you can from your homeowners agent.
Give me a call, I would be happy to help protect you as comprehensively as possible.
Keep safe!