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Safe Habits

Posted on November 20, 2013 at 8:56 AM Comments comments (86)
So I recently had the opportunity to go flying over the mountains with my daughter as my personal pilot. Awesome experience.
We have flown together before and she is a good and careful pilot. 
The flight pre-check made me think that if we drove and operated our cars with the same diligence, we would be so much safer.
They say we are safer in the air than on the road, I think I understand now why that is.
To fly, you must check the gas, the oil, the engines, inspect the plane, there is a checklist that you are required to complete every time.  When the engine wasn't idling right, we returned to the airport without taking off.  The engine warmed up and we were set to fly.
Susan, explained that we had to plan where we were going before we left and make sure we were familiar with that aircraft also.
In her words, I can't look for the windshield wipers at 9,000 feet!
So I ask today, do you exercise caution before you leave your driveway?
Let's be safe out there on the roads.